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Art's columns
 Easter Guest Editorial (1998) 
 Great news for those who like bananas
 Does unpopular teacher deserve elevation?
 How conspiratorial are you? Take this quiz!
 Snakes, shamrocks, and a real reason for wearing green
 Am I my brother's accountant?
 A great president's great precedent
 Why inquiring minds want to NO!
 Trickle up economics worth a try
 Better to light more than one candle
 On the other hand, there is no other hand
 Where great miracles really happen
 Help is just a call away
 You reap what you sow: and maybe a bit more
 Yes, Lisa, there are honest politicians
 It's hard to win if they break our press
 Through the valley of the penumbra of death
 Is everything under the sun unconstitutional?
 Forget about guns: what about knife control?
 Amazing political secrets just one click away!
 Great expectations prompted great performances
 Liar, lunatic, or prophet of the Most High God?
 Now we have you in our clutches
 The worst thing that ever happened--and the best
 Next to the last refuge poor protection
 Absolute zero won't warm a cold heart
 Why aren't there more Byrd dogs?
 Wrestling girl wins by decision
 Recipe for liberty: add one full measure of devotion
 O beautiful for heroes proved
 Losing a daughter, gaining a community
 Weapons of mass confusion
 Running down the flagman doesn't make the road safe
 If they go to Washington, I want a T-shirt
 When you're on the news, they think you really know
 Best students make best schools, not vice versa
 And I didn't even buy a lottery ticket
 Tax cuts: too big? too small? just right?
 Losing the argument? Change the subject
 The moderate politician: friend or faux?
 He who pays the tester calls the score
 Maybe we should all sing Kol Nidre
 1824 election stolen? Does it matter?
 Tax reform: taxing bulls, taming bears
 With judicial mainstream, out is safe
 Real men don't wait for the movie
 Wanted: unfit Sunday school teachers
 Letting inspector into lives not easy
 Cows not the only source of spongebrain
 Time to unplug electronic addictions
 Whatever happened to American intelligence?
 Reform plan will fill the bill
 Nations beaten by underestimated foes
 Work on college success this summer
 Sour campaign easy to sweeten
 Greatest conspiracies hide in plain sight
 One good spin deserves another
 Evangelicals move in the right direction?
 Wrong reform, wrong place, wrong time
 The easiest virtue--and the hardest
 If you are thirsty, welcome to the club
 Simple plan to decide difficult case
 Throreau reform needed: simply, simplify
 Judicial jam: Leninist or Lennonist?
 Just judges just judge
 Rewards, merit at odds in corporate culture
 Rosonke's last lecture
 War has gone on long enough: end it
 Federal programs promote mediocrity
 Good idea to practice what they preach
 Promise of change answered in manger
 Sometimes there really is a wolf
 Universities need to be more liberal
 Paved paradise all over again
 A reverse--with a couple of twists
 Story about old, old story and old story
 Surpressing the truth for fun and profit
 Soldiers fought, fight to end terrorism
 Political challenge: tear down this wall
 Unlearned Ford administration lessons
 Paved paradise all over again

Donna's columns (Soliloquy)
 Can Death Obliterate Christmas? Ask Herod
 Eyeliner, blush, mascara? Need not apply
 Summer lethargy zaps life from children
 Where were parents of crashing toddler?
 World travelers can stay home
 Pattern of decay starts with crossed lines
 Fiscal fraud, political questions taint president
 What if weather reports came from political writers
 More of Donna's columns
 Oh, no! Not that alligator book again!
 Victim of glop attacks never can escape
 I'm beginning to understand why people hate SUV's
 No one thought warehouse marriage could last
 Finishing nails provide happy ending
 Can't see the trees for the forrest
 Ice--death trap or miracle coating?
 Handy fear checklist needed for reference
 Being in a less-populated area not always a safe bet
 Best not to interfere with such stability
 Just a minute--I have to invade Baghdad first
 Handy fear check-list needed for reference
 Score: Fat-50, Cancer-50, Resolve-0
 What makes pessimists negative in the first place
 Tomorrow's advice column could look like this
 Does anybody really know what time it is?
 Is coffee becoming the next miracle elixer?
 Water lover mourns annual closure of pools
 Save vacation photos for future trash bins
 Trying to excuse South Dakota weather futile
 Seat belt yanking method of super nova creation
 Homework elevation 14,000 feet and rising
 Cat hates conflict but learns to negotiate
 Shelley thinks outside the motivational toaster
 Artic blast from the east-southeast means trouble
 Child's perspective melts cynicism toward snow
 Mom drives better but still lunges for lights
 Overpadded, overstuffed, overloaded
 George Bailey's wonderful life continues
 Christmas story needs no interior decorator
 Let me have my fun, I'm not hurting anyone
 Your privacy means everything to us, more
 Open space mission total waste of money
 We don't need English Channel, Mount Everest
 Mirrors in bedroom out, consulting fees in
 When anything goes, watch out for the slipstream
 Kids need help fighting off abductors
 Highway patrol site features weekly thrills
 Twists, turns, zigzags lead to basket at end of string
 Fenced or open yards? Tomatoes, peppers can wait
 Warning! Helpful suggestions could seize control
 Niceness will kill us if nothing else will
 Grass is greener which governs least
 Perfect time for spring cleaning: never
 A scan, a plan, a pan
 Yuletide yourself over with this Christmas quiz
 Kids need help fighting off abductors
 Ah, the familiar melody of a vehicle's engine failing
 Hokey rock-opera musical provides spiritual insights
 Activists challenge traditional refrigerator role
 All the world's a box: men and women merely viewers
 New media will improve, not replace old
 What if weather reports came from political writers?
 Oh, no! Not that alligator book again!
 Huff! Still waiting for that thank-you note
 Do you see what I see? Just squiggly lines
 Everything you know is wrong...about babies
 I'll be at last known address for Christmas
 Small things
 Condensed, compromised birthdays par for the course
 It's hard to see galaxies when peering through a microscope
 Five revitalizing promises of Easter
 Scariest school projects involve large sheets of cardboard
 No mom left behind assessment
 Mad, spiteful? Me? Nothing could be further from the truth!
 How bad can it be? A study in contrasts
 Beware! Dastardly neo-cons skulk everywhere
 Too much real trouble with all that fake music
 New year an ideal time to clean out fridge, freezer


Ric Hugo (Donna's dad, the cartoonist whose strip"Soliloquy" gives Donna's column its title)
 Sample Soliloquy strip
 Sacramento Bee Obituary for Ric

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