History 492
World Religions

Midterm/1st half of course materials:

Quo vadis? Introduction to World Religions
Many a Winding Turn: Hinduism in Thought and Practice
The Once and Future Road: Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana
An Eight-fold Road: Buddha and his Message
Greater Roads and a Lesser Roads: Forms of Buddhism/Getting it write (paper advice)
Back to the Future: Confucianism
A Road that's not a Road: Taoism and Its Teachings

Final exam/2nd half of course materials:

Jacob's Road Map: Biblical Judaism
The Lonesome Road: Diaspora Judaism
The Narrow Road: New Testament Christianity
Divided Highway: Christian Denominations (not covered in recent years)
The Road to Ruin: Religious Wars
The Broad Road: Ecumenical Movements, Secularism, and the Exciting Conclusion to This Course!