IDL 190 (First Year Seminar)

st. george

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I'm Ancient History

I have been teaching "college success" courses of one sort or another for more than 30 years now.  Sometime or other, I'll figure out how to do it right--maybe when I'm finally finished with college myself. 

I now teach two versions of the class.  During the first summer session, I teach an online seminar (Aberdeen, South Dakota: Intellectual Hub of the World).  During the fall semester, Dr. Peter Ramey and I teach a face-to-face seminar (Great Books).  In both classes, students get some "making a good transition to college" material.  The main focus of the classes, however, is putting together a reading plan for personal and professional development. 

Here's the D2L link to my Summer 2021 class

Here's a link to a flip-book version of Dragons, History Professors, and Other Hazards of College Life, my college success advice.