IDL 190 (First Year Seminar)

st. george

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I'm Ancient History

I have been teaching "college success" courses of one sort or another for more than 30 years now.  Sometime or other, I'll figure out how to do it right--maybe when I'm finally finished with college myself.  For the past several years, I have team-taught IDLwith Dr. Peter Ramey. The classes are independent this year, but both are called "Great Books," and we'll have some shared activities.

The class has two main objectives.  One goal is to help make a good transition to college in general and NSU in particular.  "making a good transition to college" material.  The content/freshman seminar part of the class emphasizes putting together a reading plan for personal and professional development. 

Here's a link to the Fall 2023 IDL190 D2L page.

Here's a link to a flip-book version of Dragons, History Professors, and Other Hazards of College Life, my college success advice.