Northern State University Chess Club

Membership in the NSU Chess club is pretty informal.  Show up once, and you are a guest.  Show up twice, and you are a member.

To be included on our mailing list, send an email message to club advisor

Events are also announced on the Jazz and Chess Facebook page.

If you want to play live chess, you can stop by TC 363 on Wednesday from 1:30-3:30.  Sets will be available from Art Marmorstein there, and you can play in the 3rd floor TC lounges. COVID-19 complicates things, though, and, for this semester, playing online might be best (see below).

In the past, we have held Jazz and Chess Nights at the NSU dining hall during supper time on Wednesday evening.  We'll eventually try that again once the COVD-19 situation looks like it's under control.  Maybe after Spring Break?

In the meantime, we'll play online chess via  On, our club is called NSU Wolves.  Once you have an account (a free account is probably sufficient), send a message to  Included your handle. You should receive an invitation to join the online club.   Art's handle, by the way, is ancientart5. 

I'll schedule online blitz tournaments for Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. The tournaments should take less than an hour. 

Also, we will be working toward affiliation with the United State Chess Federation so that we can host scholastic (K-12) and collegiate level tournaments.